Thursday, 7 October 2010

Boat at Portpatrick

Acrylic on board  8 x 6"
Bridget Hunter 2010

It's back to acrylic again because I've 10 paintings to be delivered to a gallery by 5th November for a mixed Christmas exhibition of small works. And they have to be framed !! As I've never painted work as small as The daily Painters regularly do its a challenge of a different sort. This is a first effort. One down - 9 to go. So much for retirement !


  1. Charming...nice clean colors and great simple composition! Enjoy the 9 more!

  2. A very nice boat. Like the simplicity and clean colors.

  3. I find boats really difficult to get right - those curves- and had several attempts to study the shape by drawing first. So thankyou both for your lovely comments.

  4. You have handled the acrylics so well here Bridget and the composition is spot on. Hope the show goes well for you and you get all your pieces done in time. Are you including some of your wonderful semi-abstract landscapes? Those are my favourites.

  5. wow...nice it....keep it up....thanks for sharing a view to me.....


  6. Lovely brushwork -great color -


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