Friday 29 October 2010

Painting in the attic!

Just thought I'd post photos of my painting place - which is above the kitchen. I call it the attic but its really light with 4 velux windows and a French door at the far end. Its very cluttered - things I can't part with such as old child's high chair and 3 chairs that I like the shape of. The red dress is something I'd like to create paintings of - but that's a future plan!
It also doubles up as a spare bedroom!!!!!

Great news for me is that I sold both paintings at The Macmillan Cancer Charity. So what did I do - bought an ipad from the Apple Store. Now I've got to teach myself how to use it to justify the spending- why do I do these things - the stress of technology!!!!


  1. Oh Bridget I'm sitting here with phone and camera manuals...I'm having so much resistance to reading! Congratulations on your sales and enjoy your purchase....when you figure it all out! smile!

  2. Thankyou! But was encouraged by post from Ancient Artist who quotes from a recent brain study paper which shows that older brains learn quite quickly! But do I believe it?
    Good luck with manuals!

  3. What a beautiful place to paint in , I am very envious. My painting place for the time being is in the dining room. So , get everything out, and put everything away...sometimes creativity gets stopped , because of too much preparing.

  4. Hi Bridget, It's midnight and I'm surfing for inspiration to get back to painting. You seem like a girl after my own art because I am guilty of repainting things all the time. I've been away from my studio but hope to be back at my easel soon. Thank you for inspiring me to just 'go for it'. Best wishes.

  5. Thankyou for taking the time to comment - hope you do just "go for it" - and like me you seem to be a night person :>)).


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