Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Red, Red, Red

Poppies Red
Oil on bard  12x10"
Bridget Hunter 2014

It's hard to believe it's half way through June and the summer solstice is just 4 days away. 
It doesn't get dark here until 11.30 pm and the birds are still singing, then they restart at 3.30 am.
It's the time of year I love the best and that is partly due to the splashes of garden colour.

I've a clump of the brightest red poppies, that started out in my grandma's house in southern England but bloom just as happily here on the West Coast of Scotland.

This year I've decided to try painting them, and because I love using and mixing red its become a series of poppy paintings.

Oil on Canvas paper  12x12"

Oil on Canvas paper  12x12"

I've used 2 reds - Cadmium Red Daler Rowney
and Permanent Rose Windsor and Newon.

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