Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A Bigger Picture

Still Life with the Budgie Mug

Oil on canvas  30 x 26"
Bridget Hunter  2012

I'm still trying to compose still life paintings before I start working, to arrange them and rearrange them and be patient - and its so difficult not to pick up the brush as soon as there's a couple of objects on the tabletop and to get that wonderful feeling of just putting on the lovely buttery initial oil strokes.

This painting though, was a bit easier as I took the objects used in a smaller still life posted here earlier and merely added to it.  But I also wanted something with a bit of character and The Blue Budgie Mug came to mind. It's one of a pair, one with a pink budgie handle and one blue, which date back to 1959 when a friend of my mum and called Auntie Ada by my little brother and I, gave us these instead of chocolate Easter Eggs. I don't know what our reactions were at the time - I hope we looked suitably pleased because I just love them now.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Red Jacket with Cat

Oil on board  10 x 12"
Bridget Hunter  2012

I don't know cats, have never owned a cat. I'm a really a dog fan and always had a dog around the house.
But I'm still inside as its too cold to go sketching landscapes and I'm a bit fed up reworking still lifes. I've been browsing through sketchbooks when I came across sketches of a cat that chooses to live with my relatives in Wales.This could be a bit of a challenge - to try to capture the essence of Smudge, his air of indifference to my drawing him as he dozed on a convenient red jacket. It reminds me of a poem by Eleanor Farjeon
Cats sleep anywhere, any table, any chair.

    Pencil Sketch
    Bridget Hunter 2011
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