Thursday, 14 April 2011

Coffee in the Title!

I find it difficult sometimes to think of a title but  "Coffee in Cluny" is how I remember this place on a very hot day during a trip to France.
Paisley Art Institute annual exhibition starts soon and today is "handing in' day. Its been another rush - always seems to be the way with me - and so I'm submitting two dampish oil paintings. But being framed under glass helps. As they're both oil on board there is less chance of paint adhering to the glass as once happened when the work was wet and on canvas and the canvas can't have been taught enough. 

Oil on board
Bridget Hunter 2011

The image here is of a work based on sketchbook notes done while sipping coffee in the shade.
 The colour  of walls and shutters were the appeal for me - as was the delicious coffee sold in this cafe. I've included my sketchy sketch - and looking at it again I've adjusted the image perhaps more than I should have - left out a background umbrella etc and not sure now if it was the right thing to do.

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