Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Four Days until Open Studios

The opening of our 2nd Open Studios Ayrshire weekend is only 4 days away.

The windows are washed, the garden tidied, the frames have arrived and some more paintings have been brought out and finished off. Some have been binned or painted over but a few have survived after a bit of reworking.
Lots more to do in the way of organising the wall spaces and small paper works to mount and cellophane, a price list to sort and of course labels.

I've finished the largest painting I've ever attempted "Storm over the Carrick Hills"
and also the smallest, three tiny box canvas images of Spring flowers. 

Storm over the Carrick Hills
Oil on Canvas  32x32"

Spring Yellows
Three oil on box canvas  4x4"

Just remembered there's wine to buy and tasty bits to put on plates.
And hopefully the weather will be kind unlike last year when some of our artists were snowed in!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

A Tale of Before and After



     Trees at Burns Cottage
          Oil 12x10"

Sometimes you struggle and struggle trying to use paint to express an idea and it just doesn't work                and you either give up or accept the unsatisfactory image.

The image below never pleased me but I took a photo anyway and posted it online.
Yesterday I took it out of the frame and radically attacked it determined that it was either going to work or be relegated to the bin.

This painting above , though not a true likeness of the scene, pleases me much more.


Friday, 4 April 2014

The Red Corner

Lemons on Red
Oil on Board 20x20"

This is the latest painting combining that wonderful Amaryllis with the cool yellow of lemons. 
I used this other painting below as the resource reworking the idea in a different format and enjoying the mark making and the rich warm and cool reds.

Amaryllis with Red
Oil on Board 30x24"

I've now got a red corner in the back room and it's a great place to sit with the morning coffee.

So, more work ready for Open Studios and also another exhibition in May, one red still life for each.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

New Studio Furniture

The Studio with new furniture including this very handy drawer unit for storing all sorts of papers.
It's never looked so prim and tidy.

Four Postcards

I chose four paintings to be printed as postcards and I'm very pleased with the quality.

So, Studio looking posh and postcards ready,  all set here for Open Studios in a few weeks.

Just need to finish more paintings !

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