Thursday, 28 March 2013

The first ever Open Studios Ayrshire.

Part of the kitchen

Back of the living room

The hall

What a weekend - the first ever open Ayrshire Open Studios. I've a tiny house and over the 3 days  approx 100 people came for a 'look see' and much to my amazement bought and bought. I ran out of printed greetings cards the second day and couldn't make any more as the printer gave up the ghost 

The upstairs "studio" looking unusually tidy.

The visitors were wonderful to brave the bitterly cold weather to support all 36 artists involved in this new venture.

Because of the snowdrifts closing roads though a few artists living further inland only got a few intrepid visitors on the last day which was such a shame after their preparations. To think that last year at this time we were rubbing on sunscreen.

Watercolour cards I rushed to make because my printer stopped working!

This was the first but already we've a list of many more participants for next year so hopefully it will become a noteable event in the Ayrshire calendar.

Thankyou to the people who supported us.
And thankyou to some wonderful friends who came to help.

Monday, 18 March 2013

"Lilies in Purple"

Lilies in Purple

Oil on Board  18x14"
Bridget Hunter 2013

The inspiration

Framed but tweaked with a leaf crossing flower at rght. It was only after I saw the photo that I thought it needed this.

I had some friends over for lunch and was given beautiful flowers and a stock of wine. How wonderful. These lilies just cried out to be painted. Do we painters always see still life in everything, eyeing up shapely pears and ripe colored mangoes while getting suspicious looks from shoppers?

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Spring Yellows

Spring Yellows
Oil on board  6x6"

Still painting flowers from the outside pots for potential card designs to use at the soon to start Open Studios Ayrshire event . And it's been snowing again ! March - duh

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Thinking Spring

'Thinking Spring"
Oil on board 6x8"

"Spring Purple"
Oil on board 6x6"

Spring emerging, longer daylight hours and shops full of daffodils. But the buds are still tightly closed in the garden. Maybe they know it might be back to snow next week. March is so unpredictable.

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