Thursday, 18 August 2011

The first ever oil.

Just a bowl of Cherries

Oil on board 10x12'
Bridget Hunter  1996

I'm needing a 10 x 12" frame for a new painting and hoped to reuse one. I'd forgotten this painting hanging on the stair wall and the frame was just the thing. I then realised that it was probably one of the first ever oil paintings I did way back in 1996. Looking at it now I think there are too many hard edges and why did I make that diagonal of blue? I remember trying so hard to get the ellipse right - I hate painting ellipses. And there's a rash of blue highlights going on!
Its been interesting to see how my work has changed, though obviously I've always been inspired by colour!  I think people are right when they advise us to keep old work and sometimes look back to see the changes. 

Sunday, 7 August 2011

A Postcard for August

This was the August postcard I sent to Desiree     in California. It"s done in acrylic on watercolour paper and shows a cornfield at Culzean Castle. It's one of my favourite places to sketch and paint and also to take the grandchildren for an outing.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A sketching place

 One of my favourite sketching places is the nearby fishing village of Dunure.

There's a great little icecream shop there too.

But amongst the stories of Dunure castle there's the gruesome tale of the Abbot of Crossraguel Abbey who was roasted alive in the castle dungeons in an attempt to procure Abbey lands. Happily he was rescued and seemingly lived well into his 80's !

Dunure Castle & Mary, Queen of Scots

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