Sunday 7 August 2011

A Postcard for August

This was the August postcard I sent to Desiree     in California. It"s done in acrylic on watercolour paper and shows a cornfield at Culzean Castle. It's one of my favourite places to sketch and paint and also to take the grandchildren for an outing.


  1. Hello Bridget. I've just become your newest follower after reading your blog for the past 20 mins. Your paintings of Scotland are beautiful!
    My mom's cousin lives in Aukinlech (spelling?) and I was able to visit Ayrshire a few years ago. What a beautiful area of the country to live in. Please come visit me on my blog. You will see some of my artwork and Vancouver Island scenery.

  2. Your acrylic paintings are just amazing!!

  3. Firefly - thankyou. Find it hard to use acrylics because of fast drying time - but it seems to work if I keep to small sizes.

  4. Thankyou Carole. Auchenleck is a half hour's drive away and the coast here is beautiful, I agree. But I believe your part of the world is pretty amazing. Off to see your blog.

  5. Beautiful work Bridget, love the Landscapes lovely self portraits !!


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