Thursday, 18 August 2011

The first ever oil.

Just a bowl of Cherries

Oil on board 10x12'
Bridget Hunter  1996

I'm needing a 10 x 12" frame for a new painting and hoped to reuse one. I'd forgotten this painting hanging on the stair wall and the frame was just the thing. I then realised that it was probably one of the first ever oil paintings I did way back in 1996. Looking at it now I think there are too many hard edges and why did I make that diagonal of blue? I remember trying so hard to get the ellipse right - I hate painting ellipses. And there's a rash of blue highlights going on!
Its been interesting to see how my work has changed, though obviously I've always been inspired by colour!  I think people are right when they advise us to keep old work and sometimes look back to see the changes. 


  1. Hi Bridget. It's a wonderful little painting, especially for your first oil! Speaking about keeping our old work, my mom still has the sketches and oils I did as a teen hanging on her walls!

  2. Mums are lovely people! At my first ever group exhibition ( 1996 ) I sold my 2 paintings - was jumping up and down with joy - to discover later it was my wonderful parents who'd bought them. That's love I guess.

  3. I love the painting of the cherries

    Kate R
    August 2011

  4. LOVE your cherries..the way they glisten...their deep color, rheir roundness...beautiful!

  5. ...forgot to say...I actually love the blue highlights!

  6. Thankyou Kate. And you too Ronelle - your comment makes them sound

  7. I love the blue highlights too, Bridget. This little oil gem deserves another frame! Most of all I love your Mum! :)

  8. I relented and put it back in its golden frame - which husband had bought me for Xmas - thankyou Robyn for lovely comment.


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