Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A small work

Lilies in Black

Oil on Board 8x8"
Bridget Hunter 2012

A small painting now hanging in The Beresford Art Gallery, Ayr.  The usual dithering over a title
but eventually called it Lilies in Black simply because it's in a wide black frame!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

An indoor Landscape !

There are many things that inspire me and this little indoor landscape is something I'd love to base a painting round.
I got the table quite cheaply at an auction, loving it's Deco look. I was really after a large bookshelf to house some of my many books but came home with this instead. Excuse was it fitted in the car !

Lillies at a Window

I'm already trying to work on this painting but don't know what to do with it, where to put the next brushstroke. The usual story !!

But I love these orchids and I'm hoping I manage to keep the plant alive long enough to be part of a still life. After all, the label says it only needs a thimbleful of water a week. Surely even I can manage that!! 

Friday, 5 October 2012

Trying something new!

The Swing
Print  7x5"

I've stepped outside the comfort zone of using a paint and brush and been attempting to print from watercolour paintings. This is from a 10x12" work though I printed it onto card first and intensified the colour with paint and pencil. Then it was reprinted in a size to fit the square frame I'd bought in a bargain basement.

Gone Fishing  6x6"

The Swing

I'm feeling very clever, having actually managed to produce something that looks OK and it's set my mind to thinking about producing greeting cards from some images. 

But choice of support is important, floppy cards would be no good,  and, as I'm not the tidiest person and known for covering everything in paint, I'm wondering about employing a professional printer.

Then, if I want to do this properly, there's the problem of marketing, though there are small gift shops in the local area I could approach. Be a bit brazen.

So lots to ponder before I even think about this new venture!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Red for Summer

Oil on board  8x6"
Bridget Hunter 2012

Gallery at Dereel

This small local venue holds exhibitions now and again. It's the home and studio of Irene Walker . I know she's been very busy clearing her studio to make it into an exhibition place and want to thank her for all her hard work and for including my work amongst the exhibits. 

I've 3 paintings there, including this small oil.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Just Fishing!

Watercolour  8x6"
Bridget Hunter 2012

Sorting through old artwork, binning some and wondering if others could be salvaged and found this washed out watercolour of my youngest when she was 5 and fishing in the burn. I'm thinking maybe I can redo this in watercolour achieving a better effect, or even try it in oil.

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