Monday, 23 November 2015

A Month of Yellows


Woodland Study Culzean 2

10x12" Oil on board

Woodland Study Culzean 1


November Woods

Acrylic  8x6"

Everywhere I've walked this last few weeks it's been like walking through a land of yellow and because, until recently, the air has been relatively still the leaves have remained in all their glory.

I'm lucky to live a short drive away from Culzean Park where I regularly go, not only to walk, but also to work sometimes in the Charity Bookshop which raises funds for The National Trust. 
Its a treat to be there amongst a few thousand secondhand books and at the same time to enjoy the wonderful parklands.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

An Exhibition in the Lillie Gallery


The Heather Hills

Oil on canvas   2015


I'm an elected member of 
The Glasgow Society of Women Artists 
and feel really privileged to be able to take part in the groups exhibitions in various venues around Scotland.
This Autumn it's being held in The Lillie Art Gallery in Milngavie, Glasgow.
The Gallery has a collection of Scottish Art from 1850 to the present and includes works by Elizabeth Blackadder , Francis Cadell, Samuel Peploe and Joan Eardley.

An Arran landscape

Oil on canvas  2014

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Five days on Gigha

Sun and Clouds on Gigha
Oil on board

Butterbur in a Landscape
Oil on Canvas

A Gigha Landscape
Oil on Canvas

I've a love of the Scottish Islands and this year spent 5 days with 4 fellow painters on the island of Gigha.
It might be the ferry crossings to get there and the hope of spotting sea otters and seals and maybe, just maybe, a whale, though I've never been lucky enough to see one yet. I think you really need to book a seat on a whale watching tour to have a chance.
Many years ago we did see a huge basking shark swimming up the west coast and that was amazing.

Gigha was beautiful, with the typical white sands and the rich turquoise sea, which you'd never imagine you'd find in the Scottish landscape.

These three works are from sketches and smaller paintings made outdoors on the island.
I'll post more of the Gigha series as I finish them.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Glasgow Art Fair

Landscape with Walls and a Windfarm

Ochre Hills

Autumn Trees

A Winter Sun

All the paintings are oil on board.

Getting ready for the Glasgow Contemporary Art Fair.
I'm not sure if these will be included but 
at least I've some ready and not rushing at the last minute.

Thankyou to The Ailsa Gallery who've asked me to be one of their 6 exhibiting artists at the Art Fair.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Trying a Box Canvas

A Vase of Spring

Oil on Canvas 8x8"

February has brought longer hours of daylight and that means more time to paint in natual light.
In the garden the signs of Spring are already showing - the snowdrops through and other bulbs beginning to grow.
And it's impossible to resist buying bunches of daffodils from the local gift shop.
And it's impossible not to try painting them.

This time though I've been using box canvases and trying out ways to paint the edges, trying black at first but settling on using the background colour.
I'm not sure whether this type of support is for me. I think I prefer a canvas with a frame.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

An Ochre Study with Windfarm

Oil on Board 24x20"

The weather is just as you would expect in Scotland in January though the rain seems a bit wetter and the winds that bit stronger.
The worst part of this time of year, if you paint, is the shorter daytime light. By 4 o'clock it's already getting dark and I don't find daylight bulbs all that sucessful. In proper daylight the colours always seem too fierce hough I know many artists seem to like them.

Working away on the series of paintings with a predominantly ochre palette of the hills in this part of Scotland though I've started adding a bit of a windfarm or two
which can now be seen in the landscape. 

In a cream frame

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

A New Year, New Medium

Tamzin with the Cowboy Hat

Pastel on Brown Paper

At the beginning of December I went on a pastel portrait course with Tom McKendrick in
 A House for an art Lover, Glasgow.
It was a beautiful venue for an art course and the teaching was inspiring.
This was the first time I've used dry pastels and the first time I've actually completed a colour portrait as my attempts in the past have ended up in the bin.
The resource was a photo I'd taken a few years ago.

My girls, with a hint or two from me, have given me money for pastels as my Christmas present and I'm so looking forward to going to Glasgow to spend it in a new art shop there.

Here's a photo of Tom McKendrick with his wonderful portraits of soldiers.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

An Ochre Landscape

                                             An Ochre Landscape

                                                                    Oil 24x20"

The Orange Sun October

Oil  24x20"

Again I've let too long a time pass since last here.  I've been floundering a bit with my painting and been too concerned in producing finished works rather than being creative and enjoying the painting process as an end in itself.

Recently however I've been trying some Linoprinting at a class held in A House for an Art Lover, Glasgow and, though I need to practice it a lot more to get any half decent results, it's been a wonderful experience.

It's been strange though, how using a completely different medium has, in a way, rekindled my enthusiasm for painting and these two works, both inspired by the ochre colours in the local hilly landscape, were completed recently as a result.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Coffee and an Exhibtion

Oil on Box Canvas  10x10"

Oil on Box Canvas  8x8"

Oil on Canvas  8x10"
Print available

My friend Margaret Law and I are taking part in a joint exhibition at a venue in Mauchline, Ayrshire.  It's a new local gallery which started out life as a gift shop. It's now a Coffee Shop and Gallery and well worth a visit for the cakes alone. 

Carol, the owner, has started evening craft classes there too and, from what I've been told, I hear these are very popular.

It's great to see a new local Art Gallery becoming popular.

Above are 3 of the paintings and prints I'm exhibiting.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

North Ayrshire Art Exhibition

Road to the Loch
 Oil on Canvas  24x20"

I got word today that my two paintings entered into The North Ayrshire Art Exhibition had been accepted and that's always a good feeling.

It's been a few years since I tried for this exhibition as I never seem to have enough works for 
the shows that come along in groups, like buses, in the summer months.
But this year I've involved myself in less and so have more paintings ready.

The Garden Poppies
Oil on board  10x12"

The exhibition is held in The Raquet Hall at Eglinton Park
and starts Saturday 12th July 2014

Join us for the preview

Friday 11th July

Visit the exhibition

Saturday 12th - Saturday 26th July
10.00am - 4.00pm

The Raquet Hall
Eglinton Country Park

Join us for the preview

Friday 11th July

Visit the exhibition

Saturday 12th - Saturday 26th July
10.00am - 4.00pm

The Raquet Hall
Eglinton Country Park

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Red, Red, Red

Poppies Red
Oil on bard  12x10"
Bridget Hunter 2014

It's hard to believe it's half way through June and the summer solstice is just 4 days away. 
It doesn't get dark here until 11.30 pm and the birds are still singing, then they restart at 3.30 am.
It's the time of year I love the best and that is partly due to the splashes of garden colour.

I've a clump of the brightest red poppies, that started out in my grandma's house in southern England but bloom just as happily here on the West Coast of Scotland.

This year I've decided to try painting them, and because I love using and mixing red its become a series of poppy paintings.

Oil on Canvas paper  12x12"

Oil on Canvas paper  12x12"

I've used 2 reds - Cadmium Red Daler Rowney
and Permanent Rose Windsor and Newon.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Painting in the Algarve

A Villa Garden 
Sketch - charcoal, watercolour, oil pastel - 4x6"

I've just returned from a 5 day painting course with Emily Ball in Portugal.
I've lots of sketches and a couple of paintings and some photographs to 
try to recapture a sense of place to inspire future works.

The sketches were done using charcoal, watercolour, oil pastels and pencil and was a messy process
but babywipes came in handy for knocking back marks and cleaning up after.

Mostly my sketches were done near the villa amongst the palm trees and unfamiliar plant shapes.
I was also trying to capture the movement of the foliage due to it being rather breezy.

There were many great ideas generated during the time there but one that I 
hope I'll remember, and which affected my work was to
think of the marks I was making as adjectives and each one therefore had a distinct value.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

And the dog came too !

My home with the Open Studios Banner and a visitor at the door.

It's been a week since our Open Studios event and I think I'm still recovering from all the painting and tidying and welcoming and talking.
It was extremely busy and I think most people had a successful time .

Here are a few photos of inside my house though they don't feature the studio which is up a few stairs and was also open for browsing thfough. 

Most works are oil paintings though there are a few gouache too.
I didn't have greeting cards ready nor prints as I ran out of time and realise this was 
something I should have organised.

Ah well, note to self for next year.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Four Days until Open Studios

The opening of our 2nd Open Studios Ayrshire weekend is only 4 days away.

The windows are washed, the garden tidied, the frames have arrived and some more paintings have been brought out and finished off. Some have been binned or painted over but a few have survived after a bit of reworking.
Lots more to do in the way of organising the wall spaces and small paper works to mount and cellophane, a price list to sort and of course labels.

I've finished the largest painting I've ever attempted "Storm over the Carrick Hills"
and also the smallest, three tiny box canvas images of Spring flowers. 

Storm over the Carrick Hills
Oil on Canvas  32x32"

Spring Yellows
Three oil on box canvas  4x4"

Just remembered there's wine to buy and tasty bits to put on plates.
And hopefully the weather will be kind unlike last year when some of our artists were snowed in!

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