Monday, 25 October 2010

Kitchen Window

Bridget Hunter 2010

This sketch was done because I'd like to try some paintings looking through windows .I've recently come across the work of Jenny Wheatley and am looking to find other artists' work with the same compositional ideas.Perhaps other people could suggest some artists to look at. This would be a new idea for me - still life and landscape combined.


  1. beautiful delicacy to this work! You're right -- there is something about a window with the landscape in the distance -- very Matisse. You might want to check out Charles Reid (American Watercolorist), who recently made a DVD in Britain with Town House, based in Suffolk. His florals and nudes are amazing light and airy!

  2. Thankyou - I'll certainly look at Charles Reid's work. And I love Matisse too!

  3. So nice and so soft ! You are lucky to have such a painting in the kitchen. I envy you :)

  4. Winifred Nicholson - often painted in Scotland, and Justin O'brien, an Australian who lived for many years in Italy and was inspired by icon paintings - not loose at all like Winifred but such lovely combinations of inside/outside with still life and sometimes figure - also Mary Fedden


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