Sunday, 16 March 2014

Two for Open Studios Ayrshire

Oil on canvas   12x12"

Oil on board  12x10"

Bridget Hunter 2014

Painting to pull together some unfinished works that have lain under a bed waiting for inspiration but the truth is I've been really afraid to tackle them. 
It gets like that sometimes, I just don't know what to do next so I hide them and just hope  !

However the Open Studio event is getting closer and a few other exhibitions so I need to finish some of those .

Both show trees growing behind Burns Cottage garden which is very close to where I live.
There are some Scots Pines and its their shapes that I find fascinating.

I'd like to draw these pine trees in charcoal and look forward to having the time to go out when the weather is a bit warmer.


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  2. I think stepping away from a piece is the best way to take a break and come back fresh ... these are perfect examples ... beautiful! Have a wonderful Open Studio!!

  3. Thankyou - it's amazing how much work is involved.


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