Sunday, 9 March 2014

Amaryllis and Red

Amaryllis and Red
Oil on Canvas  30x24"

Bridget Hunter 2014

I've wanted a painting for the corner of the back room and always had in mind that something predominately red to hang near a favourite blue chair would be good.
In the end I decided to base a painting around two amazingly red Amaryllis I got at Christmas.  

 I've no confidence in arranging a still life so I thought I'd try to limit the number of elements and just enjoy playing about with lots of different tones and shades of red.

I think this has worked better for me and I'm going try this simple type of arrangement again.


  1. Beautiful mixture of reds! Reminds me of a Cezanne composition ... I love the position of the lemons!

    1. Thankyou - have you ever seen Elizabeth Blackadder's still life work? I think I've been influenced by her in this one

  2. It has worked beautifully, well done.

  3. That's kind of you to comment Margaret - thankyou

  4. I love all your paintings Bridget, but this is gorgeous!


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