Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Ochre Fields

Ochre Fields 

Oil on Canvas  30x24"
Bridget Hunter  2013

Have you ever rashly said yes when you know you should be saying no? But the request is put so nicely and the people so appreciative and friendly that you go against your better judgement. That's how I ended up giving a painting demonstration to 40 artists at Troon Art Club. 
I'd put it to the back of my mind, out of fear really, until a few days before hand and then it was all panic wondering what on earth to paint.

I ended up using this small snow scene and turning it into harvest time, knowing the field well, walking there often, so relied on memory of how it looked in late summer.

This is how it ended up at the demo though I changed the foreground later.


  1. Yes, I've have but it turns out that panic can move us from procrastination rather quickly! Have a great week, Bridget.

  2. Very true Carole - and working towards the Open Studios event moved me out of the painting rut very very swiftly :>)) Thanks for commenting

  3. this looks great!! the sky looks amazing!

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  4. Hi Bridget, nice painting and the snow one looks cool too. Wish I was there to paint it.



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