Saturday, 2 February 2013

A demonstration - so no pressure !

A view of Brodick Castle 
Oil on canvas  30x24"
Bridget Hunter 2013

Sometimes I get asked to do demonstrations for local Art Groups. I don't know why I say yes except for the fact the people are so nice. But I find the whole thing terrifying and get a bit frantic working in front of others. I've been known to drop a paint laden palette upside down on the floor and once forgot to take the white paint. Maybe that's why folk turn up to watch knowing things will go awry.

This one was started as a demo and finished later - but I may have now overworked it. I'm not sure. 

Sketches of the castle done on my visit there while flapping away the hordes of midgies which enjoy biting any visitor on a damp day.


  1. Lucky art group. It looks just right, from sketch to finished thing. You should try You Tube! I am doing a little slide show of my latest painting, for my own amusement so far. Today I am making a sketchbook, quite a thick one.

  2. Ha you make me laugh....they are always such nice people in art groups! I tremble and shake when I have to do a demo which leads to some interesting if not frustrating lines. Ahhh well, it makes for good posts. Thanks for sharing.


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