Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Taking the ferry to Arran

 Holy Isle off the coast of Arran


Brodick Castle

Village Shop at Whiting Bay

Whiting Bay

Lochranza Castle

I've been staying on the Island of Arran, an hour's ferry trip away. I've come to paint but the weather has been changeable so I've been sketching mostly and taking photographs. When it's damp the midgies are lethal so that's another excuse to leave the easel in the car.
If you'd like to see the "midgie dodging sketches" they're on my other blog 

Bridget Hunter's Sketchbooks


  1. Replies
    1. It's a beautiful island - 5000 folk living there.Thankyou for comment.

  2. Hello there, I'm a newbie to reading your blog. Discovered it today and have been reading some of your older posts. Adore the sky in the first picture !

  3. Thankyou for visiting and commenting. It's such a wonderful way to "meet" new people.

  4. Thank you for sharing these fabulous photos of Arran!
    I can only imagine how distracting it would be to paint while dodging midgies!

    Wishing you clear skies and fewer distractions.

  5. Thankyou - I guess you also have things to bug you when painting outside ! Looking forward to seeing your next painting.

  6. Oh Bridget, I need to catch a plane and get myself to Arran! It's beautiful.


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