Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Anne Redpath using red

The Red Cloth in progress

Decisions, descisions. Put paint on, scrape paint off. Gone are the white begonias and in are a few poppies which are miraculously blooming in the garden again - in November! I've kept the plums, now in a white dish, added a grapefruit and some lemons and a couple of favourite things belonging to my grandmother - the tiny coffee cup, because its white, and a toby jug, because it has the same plum colour. The poppies too are descendents of my grandmother's plant. So a bit of a hotchpot still. And its a bit daunting now I've started to blog this but its also keeping me thinking instead of rashly having fun with paint!

But I'm looking at how others used red and found again these two paintings by Scottish painter Anne Redpath 1895 - 1965.

Anne Redpath Spanish Candlestick  1953

Anne Redpath  The Portuguese Cockerel  1962

And maybe I'll be less concerned about what to include after reading Anne's words in Patrick Bourne's book "Redpath"

"They are a mixture, but have all been chosen by me, and therefore they live together, I think, quite happily and, well, they all have memories, too, you see."


  1. This is starting to look exciting! I find the traditional still life set ups, no matter how well painted, bland and ho hum.

    This is looking great

    and I really like Anne Redpath's work too.

  2. I like the quote and I love your painting! The hotchpot as you call it works beautifully so far, and the tension as they seem to be about to all slide off the table, very exciting.

  3. Very exciting. I love the quote but I'm preferring your painting to Redpath. She has a bit in common with Mary Fedden, doesn't she?

  4. Fabulous quote! Keep going Bridget, it's going to be wonderful!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Oh my goodness - knowing my peers have these great expectations I feel as if its all going to go pear shaped. Its at this point i tend to turn it to the wall because I 'm at a bit of a loss as to what to do next.. I've a few half finished paintings for this reason.
    But thankyou - for taking the time to urge me on and your encouragement Cathy and Carole.
    Glad you like Anne Redpath too Vivien and I also see a similarity to Mary Fedden Robyn. There was a wonderful TV programme where Michael Palin went in search of Redpath's work and its stuck in my memory.


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