Friday, 18 November 2011

The rise and fall of a still life!

Lots of changes - replaced the jug for a white one, defined the shadows, raised the horizon and added a knife -felt it needed something different from all those circular elements. And added a half lemon. But  I think its lost the initial rush of excitement, its getting overworked and lost are those first brushstrokes defining the folds in the cloth. I want to go back into it and scruff it up a bit and try to get that feeling back visually of the first bold strokes when all things felt possible. 

David Donalson  "Rosie" 1985

One of the most inspiring exhibitions I've seen recently was "Celebration of a Painter" showing the works of David Donaldson RSA RA RGI LLD  1916 - 1996. This was one of my favourite paintings there. I love how he used reds.


  1. I know what you mean about over-working a piece but feel you have a very strong rhythm going on in this with the movement of fabric across the canvas. It is enough to carry off an eclectic mix of shapes and love what you have done.

  2. Nice Bridget. Yes I know it's hard to preserve those initial strokes and most of the time it's better to build on them. But nothing says you can't end with some pretty direct large strokes! Love the large canvas.

  3. hi Bridget...great work. I like the higher horizon too and the juxtapostion of objects. how about making the knife jsut that bit more appears a bit like just a white line? but I really love what you're doing.
    I agree with the comment of Susan Roux...ending with a few large spontaneous strokes can bring nback that "first stroke feeling".

  4. Thankyou for the great advice - and your comment about the movement and rhythm Bella.
    And Susan - will certainly try some large strokes - could be just the thing.
    You're right about the knife Ronelle - and glad that you like the higher horizon.
    have had to stop as got a funny sore back - time to reflect though :>)

  5. This has such a refreshing perspective! I'm so happy you are making still life painting your own!

    Take care of yourself and then keep going!


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