Saturday 16 July 2011

Painting over a painting!

The Sheep Track, Loch Doon
Bridget Hunter 2011
Oil on canvas 24 x 20"

I had a painting in an exhibition in February and from the moment it was on the Gallery wall I was desperate to scrape off areas and try again to get my initial response to the place back. I've quoted Richard Diebenken 's words on my Blog - about being terribly disappointed with a painting and struggling to the point of "destroying it partially or wholly".

So now the painting's back home that's what I've done. It's out of the frame and paint's been wiped off, scraped off, sanded even and new paint's been added with fingers, rags, brushes, knife. I think this is more like the place - or at least how I saw it. Think, though,  I'd best turn it to the wall before I touch another thing and I'll away and hit a golf ball !

The first version.


  1. Thumbs up I like this version. It has even more movement in it! Then again i liked the first - i always love your blue and ochre/ yellow compositions!

  2. Comparing the two, the second one is more abstract...the colors are beautiful and as you said STOP now while you love the changes!

  3. Thankyou for the thumbs up Alison. I prefer the movement in it too - though I hadn't thought of it that way before you put it in those terms.

    Blue Sky dreaming - as always I really value your insight.thankyou

  4. I Do like your paintings. I too am an artist from Ayrshire, Troon. I went to the Glasgow School of Art and for the last fifty years have been painting and exhibiting in Maine, U.S.A. You can see my work on my web site, Bill Irvine. Good luck.


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