Wednesday 13 July 2011

Out with the bling.

Bling is the right word - being ostentatious, flashy, flamboyant. At least that's how I describe my animal print shoes. I like to do a bit of bling now and again - a sort of minor rebellion against being this age and seeing me turning into mother in the mirror- and my way is with shoes. I must add that my wee mum was the most delightful of women who "blinged" in her own quiet way.
 But sometimes bling can be painful and that's the way with these stiletto heel shoes. So they're off to the charity shop. But I had to draw them before I bid them goodbye as a reminder that I once owned such a pair.

So they've been sketched in pencil and painted in gouache and maybe they'll appear in oil one day.


  1. Crazy people hobble around in such shoes. Intelligent people paint them. :) Delightful.

  2. That comment has brought a big smile!!!! Thankyou.

  3. Great sketches Bridget! I think you should keep them and pain be damned - not i hasten to add that that would make you crazy! :o)

  4. I completely agree with Robyn!

    As a new visitor here, I can now check the boxes: Intelligent blogger, Talented artist, Beautiful work.

    Isn't it nice to know you can concentrate on painting rather than sore feet?!

    Best wishes. I look forward to visiting again.

  5. Lovely homage to bling!
    I like both the sketch and the painting...maybe a series of 'Bridget's shoes?

  6. Thankyou Alison - got a few pairs of shoes that bring pain - but will never part with them!

    Now thats a great idea Blue Sky - then I've even more of a reason for buying shoes that make me feel slightly decadent. :>))

    Thankyou Melinda - nice to have you visit. I admire your work style very much.


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