Monday 14 February 2011

Under a Cloud!

Walking at Straiton


Oil on board 20 x 20"
Bridget Hunter 2011

I don't usually have big skies - and I don't usually have such big clouds - but I felt this painting needed a large sky area. Its a view from a hill and when you're this high up the sky can seem vast. I spent time doing watercolour sketches of skies and clouds last year but all in good weather.  Maybe now I could move onto having an even lower horizon line - though I think I'd better do some more cloud studies first!


  1. Hi Bridget. Love the painting, I can't wait to come up in May so that I can have some tips on how to paint successfully. I have posted my feeble attempt at doing a postcard on my profile, but to get the full picture you will have to click on it.

  2. Your sky and cloud are so powerful and earthy and such a necessary part of the composition, as an echo of the ground material. Surely you have now to lower your horizon line!

  3. I really like the reds and ochres in the foreground!


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