Tuesday 8 February 2011

The blues!

Edge of the Loch

Oil on board 18 x 14"
Bridget Hunter

At the moment I seem to have the blues ! I seem to be making blue the main colour - ultramarine to be specific. Its not that I've bought a new ultramarine - a different make, a different quality - I can get carried away with a new colour sometimes. This is the same old blue I've always used. But I'm enjoying the intensity of it. And I can't think why.



  1. well it is a gorgeous colour - and so is pthalo blue (seems to be a love it or hate it colour, but I love it)

    I really like this one

  2. It's another stunning little landscape from you Bridget. The handling of the blue is masterful. For some reason ultramarine scares the pants off me and I always go scurrying back to cerulean and indanthrene.


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