Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The Loire in July

Oil on board  28 x 24"
Bridget Hunter  2010

The exhibition - Six Ayrshire Artists - starts this Saturday in The McLaurin Galleries, Ayr. We six were asked to illustrate a business calendar 3 years ago with  paintings. This led to great friendships, which has, in turn,  led to a joint exhibition featuring 10/12  paintings each. Having just recently returned from a trip to France the whole thing has been a frantic painting and framing experience. The others have been far better organised! But I always put myself under this kind of pressure. Will I never learn? However, France has given me new source material and the painting above is going into the exhibition. The Loire valley was vast and parts of it had grain fields which stretched way into the horizon. The impression was a deep yellow under a bright blue sky. I was able to do some watercolour sketching and used these as references. Tomorrow the paintings go to the gallery where we'll meet, try to instill each other with confidence and then have much wine for lunch. Its a scary business, exhibiting!

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  1. Great color and great paint handling. Congratulations on the show and sounds like fun...friends and wine...photos?


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