Thursday, 19 August 2010

Les Charrieres with Blue Shutters.

Acrylic on board 12 x 10"  .
Bridget Hunter 2010

This painting was done plein air in Burgundy, using acrylic which, even though I was working in shade, was drying very fast and needed fast working - I much prefer working into wet paint! Les Charriers was a beautiful old house where we stayed for 4 nights run by Florence and her artist husband. Everywhere, inside and outside, there were painting subjects. I've tried to capture the shabby chic Frenchness of the building which I found so appealing. But I have only included part of the front of the house. I've got some photos of the interior and would like to try using them as source material for other paintings.This painting is in the exhibition but I adjusted the angle of the stairs, after this photo was taken and before it was framed, realising it wasn't quite right !!

1 comment:

  1. A beautiful acrylic Bridget...I agree with you though, I also prefer the wet into wet...there's ahuge satisfaction in pushing the paints around..


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