Monday, 7 June 2010

Blue sea at Portuairk

Oil on board  24 x 20
Bridget Hunter 2010

This work was blocked in at the location in acrylic then finished at home using oils. There's just something about the buttery consistency of oils, the way it can be manipulated that I find I don't experience with faster drying acrylics. However, that may change when I try the acrylic retarder gel - which I'm still trying to source. I hope I haven't lost anything by completing it later but admit I may have intensified the 'blues'. Its my memories of the place though - how I saw it - turquoise and creams.



  1. Perfect if the colors are brighter and stronger...this is your vision and a good one! You have a lovely way of paint handling and I agree oils are so special!

  2. Your paintings are beautiful Bridget! enjoy your upcoming trip to France..


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