Saturday, 5 June 2010

Rosie's Choice

Oil on board  10 x 12
Bridget Hunter 2009

" It takes two to paint. One to paint, the other to stand by with an axe to kill him before he spoils it."     William Merrit Chase

I've been working on paintings from recent holiday as I need 20 paintings for two exhibitions in August. But when the pressure's on nothing seems to work out. And then I labour too much and end up scraping more paint off than I put on. I'm almost scared to look at paintings the next day knowing I'll be disappointed and it'll be all start again! The quote above seems to fit my situation perfectly!!!
So posting this small work from a wee while ago. Rosie insisted on having red boots and I couldn't resist painting the colour.


  1. This is lovely...I especially like the lavender shadows. It takes courage to face yesterdays work but sometimes one is greeted with surprise! Keep going August will be wonderful.

  2. Wonderful work! Thanks for visiting my blog. Your work is truly original. I love it. You'll have many fans. I am sure of this.
    Brian Eppley


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