Sunday, 20 June 2010

Acharachle with Blue Skies

Oil on board   28 x 24"  
Bridget Hunter  2010

This may be the last painting from my week in Ardnamurchan - Acharachle being the name of the furthermost part of the peninsula. I have other sketches and ideas but I'd like to do some more small still life work just now - bit like sketching in paint and practising looking closely. I enjoyed painting this, at least applying the paint, which meant it took on its own life as it progressed and ended up a recollection of  remembered colours. But I think that's my problem  - the application of paint is like a kind of dance and it can become almost heady - and its nothing to do with the turpentine vapours. But then so many end up disasters and in the bin. Am I alone in feeling like this I wonder?



  1. The dance, the meditation or the movement of the brush with's all good. You captured a place, a feeling in startling beautiful color! I'm not sure if we need judge the process but rather continue and enjoy...I think changing the size, moving to sketch is a way of breaking up disappointment with outcome...keep going on!

  2. Bridget -- First, thanks for your visit to my site and your wonderful comment! Are you alone in this thinking? NO -- I think many times this happens, the process, the gestures, the flow of color just takes over and "tells" us what it wants to do? I notice you mention Barbara Rae as an artist you admire -- this reminds me of her work - vibrant with lots of energy!

  3. "...a recollection of remembered colors"...your words for describing what you do is such a nice compliment to your beautiful work. Love the looseness of this dance!

  4. Hi Bridget,

    This is my favourite of your paintings at the moment. The area of sandy coloured paint in the middle ground gives the rest of it space to breath. I love the texture and the vibrant coulours. I'd be proud to have this one on my wall.

  5. Found you Blog via Twitter. As a frustrated oil painter it was very reassuring to hear you say so many end up in the bin!

    Love what you do and best of luck for the future


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