Sunday, 23 May 2010


... putting down what I felt in terms of some overall image at the moment today, and perhaps being terribly disappointed with it tomorrow... trying to make it better and then despairing and destroying partially or wholly... getting back into it and just kind of frantically trying to pull something into this rectangle that made sense to me... (Richard Diebenkorn)

Have just returned from a week at Ardnamurchan on the west coast of Scotland with a small group of painter friends. Seals, sea otters, white sands, turquoise waters. An enchanting place to be. But sometimes the more I'm inspired to paint the less happy I am with the results. I thought the above quote summed it up perfectly.


  1. Diebenkorn is one of my heroes and it is wonderful to read these words of ordinary artist frustration...ah...I'm not so crazy after all or at least I'm in good company. Thank you for this quote!

  2. Same here. Diebenkorn is fantastic and I can very well relate to his quote!


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