Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Eigg, Rum and shore sheep.

Acrylic on board   10 x 12"
Bridget Hunter 2010

This small oil painting was done outside working quickly as the weather was sun and showers! There was a flock of hardy sheep which grazed on the grassy patches along the shore and this will be an abiding memory of our holiday at Ardnamuchan. When the tide came in they wandered in and out of gardens or sat on the single track road claiming it as their own. This was the view from the cottage window with the islands of Rum and Eigg across the water- hence the title. I'd taken acrylics as I thought it would make cleaning up easier and the works would be dry for taking home- my Mini car has a very small boot! However, I like working with wet paint and wished I had taken a gel retarder to slow down the drying time. I was told about this useful medium there. I live and learn !!! .

1 comment:

  1. Well, this could nearly be 'our' beach at Ardtoe - sheep and all - what a marvellous painting - so evocative - I wish it wasn't sold.


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