Tuesday 15 December 2015

Two Months on Gigha

The Way to the Sea 

Oil 24x20"

Sun and Clouds, Gigha

Oil 28x24"

Island Studies


This June I stayed with 3 other painters on the island of Gigha for 5 days.
It wasn't the best weather for painting outside but the island was full of accessible painting places and the colours were a delight of blues and pale greens. And wild flowers everywhere.

When we were there we were offered an exhibition in the Gigha Gallery in 2016 and since then we've learned that the exhibition can be for 2 months, August and September, the holiday months when the islands busy with tourists.

Its very exciting and I've been sorting out works that may be suitable, mostly from sketches done during  our stay though I'm hoping to return in May to do more studies.

Now I need to store these away in the meantime.

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