Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Five days on Gigha

Sun and Clouds on Gigha
Oil on board

Butterbur in a Landscape
Oil on Canvas

A Gigha Landscape
Oil on Canvas

I've a love of the Scottish Islands and this year spent 5 days with 4 fellow painters on the island of Gigha.
It might be the ferry crossings to get there and the hope of spotting sea otters and seals and maybe, just maybe, a whale, though I've never been lucky enough to see one yet. I think you really need to book a seat on a whale watching tour to have a chance.
Many years ago we did see a huge basking shark swimming up the west coast and that was amazing.

Gigha was beautiful, with the typical white sands and the rich turquoise sea, which you'd never imagine you'd find in the Scottish landscape.

These three works are from sketches and smaller paintings made outdoors on the island.
I'll post more of the Gigha series as I finish them.


  1. Colors so wonderful and oh oh those floating clouds! Beautiful!

    1. Thankyou Blue Sky. I'm never sure whether or not to put clouds in like this but they were such a strong part of the landscape so I'm glad to have your positive reaction


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