Thursday 4 December 2014

An Ochre Landscape

                                             An Ochre Landscape

                                                                    Oil 24x20"

The Orange Sun October

Oil  24x20"

Again I've let too long a time pass since last here.  I've been floundering a bit with my painting and been too concerned in producing finished works rather than being creative and enjoying the painting process as an end in itself.

Recently however I've been trying some Linoprinting at a class held in A House for an Art Lover, Glasgow and, though I need to practice it a lot more to get any half decent results, it's been a wonderful experience.

It's been strange though, how using a completely different medium has, in a way, rekindled my enthusiasm for painting and these two works, both inspired by the ochre colours in the local hilly landscape, were completed recently as a result.


  1. Beautiful color ... capturing the moment beautifully. I agree, changing it up a little such as a different process has a way of lighting a fire for all areas of creating! Maybe share these new linoprints?

  2. You are so right -- working in another medium sometimes informs the other. Truly love these works! Happy New Year!


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