Tuesday 6 May 2014

And the dog came too !

My home with the Open Studios Banner and a visitor at the door.

It's been a week since our Open Studios event and I think I'm still recovering from all the painting and tidying and welcoming and talking.
It was extremely busy and I think most people had a successful time .

Here are a few photos of inside my house though they don't feature the studio which is up a few stairs and was also open for browsing thfough. 

Most works are oil paintings though there are a few gouache too.
I didn't have greeting cards ready nor prints as I ran out of time and realise this was 
something I should have organised.

Ah well, note to self for next year.


  1. Your art looks wonderful hanging throughout your house, Bridget. It's so much work to get things ready and then to keep smiling and chatting through it all. Well done. Your entrance way is so inviting, I bet everyone who came through you door felt welcomed.
    Have a good rest. xo Carole

  2. Thankyou Carole - itsreally exciting and interesting to see which works people prefer ( if any)


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