Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Red Jacket with Cat

Oil on board  10 x 12"
Bridget Hunter  2012

I don't know cats, have never owned a cat. I'm a really a dog fan and always had a dog around the house.
But I'm still inside as its too cold to go sketching landscapes and I'm a bit fed up reworking still lifes. I've been browsing through sketchbooks when I came across sketches of a cat that chooses to live with my relatives in Wales.This could be a bit of a challenge - to try to capture the essence of Smudge, his air of indifference to my drawing him as he dozed on a convenient red jacket. It reminds me of a poem by Eleanor Farjeon
Cats sleep anywhere, any table, any chair.

    Pencil Sketch
    Bridget Hunter 2011


  1. cats sleep anywhere - oh yes! on a pile of clean ironing, on your new coat, on a painting, on the chair you want to sit on

    .... and a raised paw says 'mine, do NOT try to move me'

    (I don't stand for that but himself goes and sits elsewhere!)

    nice study

  2. You have 'essence of cat' there Bridget - it looks like we're looking at him through frosted glass - I love it!

  3. This is a lovely little painting you're working on. My kitty often chooses her favourite place to sit on how soft the fabric is. She also prefers black, it shows off her fur so nicely. I am constantly wiping cat fur off my clothes.

  4. Thankyou Vivien - I love your cat tales !
    And yours too Carole - you make me almost want to get a cat.

    I think the effect is because its a painting over a painting and the texture is showing through Cathy.lol

  5. Such a sweet painting. You captured the cat's pose well...especially for someone who does not know cats. Could have fooled me. : )

  6. Thankyou Lisa - this particular cat brought home a duck and a few rabbits which then had to recuperate in the greenhouse! The appeal for me was the colour of the jacket against his black and white coat though.

  7. That is exactly , what I was going to say ! Perfect capture of cat's "aloofness" ! I have two and I still don't know them...I simply love your painting !
    Hugs from Florida !


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