Sunday, 11 December 2011

November Postcard

This is my November Postcard to Martin - How to draw a tree .

"Bridget Hunter sent me a nice card with a tree grove in typical Scottish colors. She critically reflects her latest ambitions in playing golf which at present mainly seems to be an excuse to have coffee and a giggle at the club house after a couple of golf balls have been buried between the tree trunks. She calls that exercise.

I think that it is this tabooless exchange of international customs that contributes a lot to the excitement in this postcard exchange. I am impressed by the quality of the gouache which arrived here in perfect condition. Thanks Bridget and good luck with golfing :)."

This was sent as part of the postcard exchange featured on the Blog - Postcard from my Walk.


  1. This one is deep sounding inside me! Something like: How the Gouache was won! The exact balance between a medium, a vision and the spirit of a landscape - i. e. the definition of an artist, no?
    (Without forgetting the perfect degree of humor of the words by Martin).
    Sincerely, JBP

  2. I enjoy reading your comments Jean-Baptiste - but truth to tell, its acrylic. I worry that gouache, if it got wet in the post, would end up a squishy mess, so I use acrylic on heavy watercolour paper. And I think Martin's words sum up my attempt at golfing perfectly :>)

  3. Thankyou Lisa for your kind comment. Its amazing how a comment can lead to discoveries - me discovering your Blog. I particularly like Things that Flow and wish i had that creative imagination.

  4. WOW, your work is completely gorgeous!!!! I am your newest follower and thank you so much for following my blog!

  5. Love your postcard!

  6. Bridget, A farmer friend has a tea room near Stewarton and I run exhibitions in there for her. Never sells a great deal but does sell. Highest sale so far was £550 for one of mine. We do a mixture of professional and amateur artists. How would you like to have a wee show there. Approx 8 works. If you fancy it for say April or later let me know.

  7. What a great thing this blogging is ! Yes, I'd love to take up your invitation. Thankyou.

  8. Hi there Bridget!... My first visit to your site.... Very enjoyable!

    I love the loose... painterly quality of your sketches and paintings. Each borders... and beautifully balances between the abstract and the impressionistic genres!

    Lovely work! Very pleasing to view!

    Good Painting in 2012!
    Warmest regards,

    1. Thankyou for taking the time to comment. I'm interested to see that you're a gallery owner and a painter. What an ideal way of life- though hard work too.

  9. Just dropping by to see what's new. Are you painting a lot lately?

  10. Hi Bridget...sent an email about meeting up at the tea room near Stewarton so you can see the space. Didn't get a reply and thought that maybe my email went to spam.
    You can get me on

  11. Hiya Lisa ! Thanks for posting. No, not been doing much as damaged nerves in shoulder - a large garden pot issue :>)). But posting a still life that I've just been working on. Hope your artwork still going strong.


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