Saturday, 22 October 2011

A Small Painting.

Red for Summer
 Oil on board  8 x 6"
Bridget Hunter 2011

I've almost finished 10 small paintings for the Christmas Show " Little Wonderland" at The Whitehouse Gallery, Kirkcudbright. I used watercolour brushes with thinner oil paint this time and enjoyed the way the paint could be applied more fluidly and which allowed more direct drawing with the brush. This is not the usual way for me as I normally love the thick butteriness of the medium. 


  1. What is it about red shoes? I had a pair once and I still miss them. These are beautiful, Bridget in loose washy oils. It's a picture to tempt, particularly in the middle of winter.

  2. A lovely fresh little painting. I like it a lot.

  3. Thankyou Robyn - I know- could it be the "vampishness" of them ? But I love painting red things with all the cool mauves, lilacs etc you find in the shady parts.

    Thankyou Harry - I value your input.


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