Sunday, 19 June 2011

Never work with Animals?

Smudge the kitten, 2010
Watercolour, sketchbook

Smudge the cat, 2011
2B pencil

I'd brought paints to Wales in the hope of working. But its rained - practically the whole time. So I've been trying to sketch the house cat here. But he's not co-operating and languidly changes position each time I try to capture his image. How did Gwen John ever do her wonderful cat studies? Here are my attempts so far.


  1. These cats are simply marvelous - gestural drawing that really captures a pose!

  2. I agree, these cat sketches are terrific :).

  3. Thankyou for all of your wonderful comments.Pity I'm back home and no cat to draw!

  4. These are lovely animal drawings. I'm also enjoying exploring all of your artwork and many of the links on your blog.


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