Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Maybe next time!

The unfinished watercolour

View of Ailsa Craig at Culzean

watercolour/pencil sketch

My attempt at practising a gouache painting turned out to be a bit of a non-event. I've gone painting before without water, without thinners, without coffee but never before without paints - well, the gouache paint anyway. 
So it became a watercolour practice instead. I've absolutely no confidence in using watercolour apart from in a sketchbook. I'm still too impatient to wait the time for washes to dry and past attempts have ended in dull, overworked disasters.
However this watercolour, though unfinished, is my best attempt to date. Maybe using gouache that watery way is a good place to start. 


  1. I hope you are going to finish it! By the way, I love gouache used with a lot of water. Mary Fedden does it all the time with beautiful results. I like your sketch very much too.

  2. Thankyou for your helpful advice Robyn - on both posts. I've googled Mary Fedden and her work is wonderful. So, yes, if you and she like it watery then its a must to try.


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