Sunday, 30 January 2011

Postcard from my Walk


…pen sketch by Cathy Gatland…
A postcard from my Walk  has its roots in Sketchercise, a group of artists  sharing a love for art and the outdoors, nature and different forms of exercise. As our project name suggests, we are painting postcards from our Sketchercise outings and mailing  them this way and that way to each other, criss-crossing over 4 continents.

…a collage of works from our group..
Please visit our new blog, a postcard from my Walk, to follow along in our adventures the next year and more and where you can meet all the members on their introduction posts, see all the postcards and get fired up yourself to do more exercise and be creative while doing it.

Many thanks to Ronell for her words.

1 comment:

  1. Oh , fancy this - Sketchercize was my invented word from the year I did the sketchercize project with Julie and Penny. I was too busy to join this group - maybe I can later.


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