Sunday 4 July 2010

All change!

The Table Top in Spring painting in previous post is no more - once I'd seen it here 'blogged' I knew it wasn't how I'd wanted it. I'd overdone everything. I got too involved in applying paint and lost the initial inspiration. So paint has been scraped off, sand papered away, and will try again another day. But not giving up - just want it to be less defined and more about impressions.

The two paintings above are the same subject - left is study done in gouache while in Spain last year, right is 10 x 12 oil painting done at home. Heading for France and decided to take acrylics but also a retarder to slow drying time. I hope to begin another Blog about sketching as I find it a good way to get to know about a subject before painting - and I just like drawing. And I'm learning that sketches are pieces of artwork in themselves.

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