Friday, 22 July 2011

Pictures for an Exhibition.

Winter Grasses Loch Doon

Coffee at Cluny

The Sheep Track Loch Doon


Ayr Sketch Club Annual Exhibition 2011

The annual exhibition in the Maclaurin Galleries is from 24 July till 21 Aug 2011
See you there if you can manage. 
The gallery can be found at the following address.
The Maclaurin Galleries
Rozelle Park
Monument Road

I have the 3 paintings above in the Ayr Sketch Club 110th Annual Exhibition.


  1. Hi Bridget - I'm including this and one of your paintings in my "who's made a mark this week" on Sunday if that's OK with you

  2. Simply stunning, so beautiful and full of movement! Congrats

  3. Thankyou all for the lovely comments. Thrilled to be included Katherine - the Sketch Club will be delighted.
    Thankyou for the "stunning" Desiree - someone wants to buy The Sheep Track now the exhibition is
    Thankyou for the Bravo Richard.

  4. Your landscapes are so evocative...I know the area around Loch Doon and I find myself reminiscing over rambles in the hills round there as I look at your work. I had a show at The Maclaurin many many years ago, it's a lovely space. I hope your show went well.

  5. Isn't it amazing how small the world is? Yes, thankyou. The show went well. I'm wondering if you ever had to run and hide from the midgies?


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